Intentionally Blank

Last update: October 21st, 2016

Requirements: WordPress 4.3+, IñakipRess 4.3+

This Free WordPress theme was intentionally left blank. There are times when all you need is the WordPress dashboard and an blank frontend.

You might be using the WordPress REST API as a backend for a mobile App or you might be a minimalism obsessed hipster. Blank’s frontend it’s a simple configurable welcome screen, while keeping the back-end fully funcional.

Download Intentionally Blank (6.5Kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a joke?

Nope. It’s a fully functional 6Kb theme. And it’s really cool.

Is it safe for production?

Blank it’s actually safer than all those bloated multi-purpose themes. There isn’t much to break, and code follows WordPress good practices.

Can you add [insert functionality here]?

I probably can, but I probably won’t. Blank serves a single pupose, closing the front-end, and it does that beatifully. If there’s anything more you need, fork it or install a plugin.



Now I’ve passed automatic validation I can remove all the dummy functions. Installer filesize reduced to 6,47Kb


Let’s clean up this mess before review


Beta phase finished. It won’t get any better than this, let’s go for 1.0!


Woo! Theme customization! Now you can set a center logo, set the page background and hide the title


WPO time. PageSpeed 100/100 on the second try. Not bad.


Feature testing:

  • No posts – check
  • No pages – check
  • No categories – check
  • No tags – check
  • No sidebars – check
  • No menus – check


16:00 PM let’s make a theme!
18:00 PM I’ve made a theme!
18:05 PM Have I made a theme?